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Our qualified Projector repair technicians can perform troubleshooting as well as repairs of many components.

Whenever possible we try to repair a part before replacing it. The landed cost to you is much less than what a manufacturer charges for a replacement part.

We repair all brands of projectors. There are so many things that can happen to your projector, which is why we offer free diagnose and estimates for your repairs.


We charge an initial analysis fee of $50.00 - This is our charge for us to troubleshoot your projector to determine what has failed and how much it will cost to repair. The fee will be deducted from total bill when repair is approved. If the estimate is declined by you this fee is all you will pay plus the return charges if  applicable.

    * Minor Labor Rate $149 - This covers minor power supply problems, loose connections etc...
    * Intermediate Labor Rate $189 - This covers alignment issues and LCD panel replacement.
    * Major Labor Rate $249 -  All major repairs, component level repairs, board replacement when necessary, processor problems and major solder work.


Parts charges will vary depending on brand, average parts charges will run between $100 to $225


We Repair the Following Major Brands in Projectors:

3M Projector Repair 

ASK Projector Repair 

Barco Projector Repair 

BenQ Projector Repair 

Boxlight Projector Repair 

Canon Projector Repairs 

Christie Projector Repair 

Compaq Projector Repair 

Delta Projector Repair 

Digital Projection Projector Repair 

Dukane Projector Repairs 

EIKI Projector Repair 

Epson Projector Repair 

Fujitsu Projector Repair 

Hitachi Projector Repair 

IBM Projector Repair 

InFocus Projector Repair 

JVC Projector Repair

LG Electronics Projector Repair 

Lightware Projector Repair 

Mitsubishi Projector Repair 

NEC Projector Repair 

Optoma Projector Repair 

Panasonic Projector Repair 

Panasonic Home Projector Repair 

Philips Projector Repairs 

PLUS Projector Repair 

Proxima Projector Repair 

Runco Projector Repairs 

Sanyo Projector Repair 

Sharp PG Series Projector Repair 

SharpVision Projector Repair 

Sony Projector Repair 

Toshiba CSG Projector Repair 

Vidikron Projector Repair 

ViewSonic Projector Repair


Aside from complete hardware servicing, we also provide a complete preventive maintenance check on all units to insure proper performance.



Rush service available at an additional cost of $90. Turn-around time 1 -2 days. May not be possible in some cases.





If you are in need of Projector Repair in the Detroit area, For your convenience we offer pickup and drop service to our customers based in the Detroit area. *


Pack your Projector in a sturdy box and get it ready for shipment. Please click on the following link for useful advice. Packaging Tips

After you have your Projector all packed in a secure box, please call our office at
(734) 728-TECH (8324) to arrange a pick-up or simply fill out our
work order form and we will do the rest.  

We offer up to $1500 insurance on your projector at no cost to you when shipping, additional insurance can also be purchased. Please ask our representative for details.


We will back our LCD Projector Repair work with a 3-Month Warranty from the original date of repair.

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  • Unparalleled Support
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Award Winning Tech Support
  • Best pricing in Repair Services