Affordable Projector repair at your reach!

Our qualified technicians can perform troubleshooting as well as repairs of many components. We are located in Plymouth, MI, Detroit area. We service all major makes and models. 

Whenever possible we try to repair a part before replacing it. The landed cost to you is much less than what a manufacturer charges for a replacement part.

Do not risk putting in inexperienced hands, OnTech Force LLC has specialized exclusively in the repair and maintenance of video projectors. 


  • The diagnostic fee starts from $99... (varies by Projector's model and size... to pay for the technician's labor to do troubleshooting, diagnosis,  parts search, testing, etc) This fee is deductible toward your repair.

We offer reasonable rates for all projector repairs. Depending on the problem repair cost can range anywhere from $175 to $275 (labor+parts). 

If the cost of the part is $75 or less we will go ahead and replace it while the machine is under repair. We will contact you should the cost of the part exceed projector repair hands$75, otherwise, the machine will be repaired and you will be billed accordingly for the repair of your projector.


  1. The main PCB of a Projector repair may result in additional charges, you will be contacted if that is the case.
  2. An additional handling charge of $100 will apply for any projector over 35 lbs.

Rush service is available at an additional cost of $99. Turn-around time is 1 -2 days. May not be possible in some cases.

For your convenience, We offer pickup and drop service to our customers based in the Detroit area. *


Pack your LCD Projector in a sturdy box and get it ready for shipment. 

After you have your LCD Projector all packed in a secure box, please call our office at 
1-734-728-TECH or 1-(734) 728-8324 to arrange a pick-up or simply fill out our repair order form and we will do the rest.

We charge $35 for return shipping via FEDEX (ground) weight limit may apply.

We offer up to $1000 insurance on your projector at no cost to you when shipping, additional insurance can also be purchased. Please ask our representative for details.

Make sure that your Projector is ready before FEDEX arrives.

We will back our LCD Projector Repair work with a 90-day Warranty from the original repair date.

Pick-up and delivery charges may apply. 

3M Projector Repair LG Electronics Projector Repair
ASK Projector Repair Lightware Projector Repair
Barco Projector Repair Mitsubishi Projector Repair
BenQ Projector Repair NEC Projector Repair
Boxlight Projector Repair Optoma Projector Repair
Canon Projector Repairs Panasonic Projector Repair
Christie Projector Repair Panasonic Home Projector Repair
Compaq Projector Repair Philips Projector Repairs
Delta Projector Repair PLUS Projector Repair
Digital Projection Projector Repair Proxima Projector Repair
Dukane Projector Repairs Runco Projector Repairs
EIKI Projector Repair Sanyo Projector Repair
Epson Projector Repair Sharp PG Series Projector Repair
Fujitsu Projector Repair SharpVision Projector Repair
Hitachi Projector Repair Sony Projector Repair
IBM Projector Repair Toshiba CSG Projector Repair
InFocus Projector Repair Vidikron Projector Repair
JVC Projector Repair ViewSonic Projector Repair

Projector Care Guide

(A fast and easy reference for the care of your projector)

  1. Read the user manual that came with your projector. It will include operational information exclusive to your projector.
  2. Become familiar with the unit before your first presentation or event.
  3. To prolong lamp life, always allow your projector to cool completely before turning off or unplugging. Remember that excessive heat can greatly shorten your lamp life. Do not operate your projector in direct sunlight or near a heat source.
  4. Change filter* as specified by your user manual.
  5. Never operate the unit without the air filter*. Doing so can draw dust in to the optics of the projector, which can be projected on to your image.
  6. Avoid using your projector in a smoky environment. This can cause damage to the optics of the unit and can void your warranty.
  7. Store your projector in a cool, dry area. Save the shipping box for safe secure storage when not in use. If the need arises for you to ship your projector in the future, the original box and packing material is the safest way to pack your unit.
  8. If projector is mounted to the ceiling, be sure that the area near the intake fan is kept clean and not in direct line of air or heat vents.
  9. For optimal image quality, always keep your lens clean. The safest way to clean your lens is with a lens cloth, which can be purchased at a camera store.
  10. For additional technical support, please call our customer service department directly at 1-734-728-8324 between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.


(734) 728-8324
(734) 469-2604

Call/Text (734) 707-7371


13101 Eckles Rd. Suite 201
Plymouth, MI 48170
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Mon-Fri 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 
Sat-Sun Closed

Customer Reviews

R Gill

After numerous rejections from "geek experts" to repair my video projector from a manufacturer who no longer exists, I decided to give OnTech Force a try. They accepted the challenge and went right to work. Within a week, they were able to diagnose my issue and order replacement parts to restore picture and sound to my projector. They communicated with me constantly and kept me updated as service progressed. Upon timely completion, I was most impressed with the service, quality of the picture and most importantly, the price. It was professionally repaired for much less than I had anticipated. In addition to that, the service tech gave me an additional discount for being a new customer. The projector actually works better now than when it was purchased new. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone with a challenging service issue. Big thanks and I am a highly satisfied customer. 


M hooks

Great job, very timely and professional I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much!!!