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We offer a comprehensive repair service for Kodak Carousel slide projectors. This service encompasses all necessary repairs for Kodak slide projectors and includes return shipping.

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Ready to Restore Your Kodak Carousel Slide Projector?

Our repair service is designed to bring your Kodak Carousel Slide Projector back to optimal performance. Whether it’s mechanical issues, slides not advancing image quality concerns or any other problem, our expert technicians will diagnose and repair your projector with precision and care.

Experience hassle-free repairs with our comprehensive service, which includes return shipping. Don’t let a malfunctioning projector hold you back—trust us to get it working like new again.

Purchase our repair service today and revive your Kodak Carousel Slide Projector!


We only require the basic projector for repair, without any additional items, please. Including unnecessary items in the shipment may result in higher shipping costs for you when sending the projector to us

  • Please refrain from sending the following items with your projector for repair:
    • The case
    • The original box
    • Any slide trays
    • Lids or dust covers (as these are fragile and may break during shipping)
    • If your power cord is removable, please do not include it
    • Remove the projection lens before sending
    • Do not include any extra lamps
    • Ensure that the leveling feet are not extended.

Once you’ve removed all excess items, wrap your projector in bubble wrap and carefully pack it in a box for shipping.

For Pre-1981 Kodak Carousel projectors (excluding wood grain panel versions), the most economical shipping method may be to use a large priority mail flat rate box after bubble wrapping.

For Pre-1981 Kodak Carousel Custom models (with wood grain panels), extra padding is necessary due to their fragility.

Post-1981 Kodak Carousel Slide Projectors require more protection during shipping due to their size and fragility and cannot be shipped in a flat rate mail- box.

Kodak M-/70/80/85/90/95 Series Movie Projectors are relatively sturdy and can likely be shipped in a large priority mail flat rate box with some padding.

Kodak MovieDeck Projectors are fragile and require ample padding. Please remove the top dust cover (if present) before shipping and do not include it.


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