Projetor Care Guide

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(A fast and easy reference for the care of your projector)

  1. Read the user manual that came with your projector. It will include operational information exclusive to your projector.
  2. Become familiar with the unit before your first presentation or event.
  3. To prolong lamp life, always allow your projector to cool completely before turning off or unplugging. Remember that excessive heat can greatly shorten your lamp life. Do not operate your projector in direct sunlight or near a heat source.
  4. Change filter* as specified by your user manual.
  5. Never operate the unit without the air filter*. Doing so can draw dust in to the optics of the projector, which can be projected on to your image.
  6. Avoid using your projector in a smoky environment. This can cause damage to the optics of the unit and can void your warranty.
  7. Store your projector in a cool, dry area. Save the shipping box for safe secure storage when not in use. If the need arises for you to ship your projector in the future, the original box and packing material are the safest way to pack your unit.
  8. If the projector is mounted to the ceiling, be sure that the area near the intake fan is kept clean and not in a direct line of air or heat vents.
  9. For optimal image quality, always keep your lens clean. The safest way to clean your lens is with a lens cloth, which can be purchased at a camera store.
  10. For additional technical support, please call our customer service department directly at 1-734-469-2604 between 10 am and 5 pm ET.

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