OnTech Force offers a wide selection of projection OEM lamps.

Akai Lamps, Hitachi Lamps, LG Lamps, Mitsubishi Lamps, Panasonic Lamps, Philips Lamps, RCA Lamps, Samsung Lamps, Sony Lamps, Toshiba Lamps and many more.

Many lamps being sold online are not ORIGINAL quality, and it is not always easy to tell whether or not your TV or Projector lamp is coming from Philips, Ushio or Osram or if it is made in China by an imitation projector lamp manufacturer.

Don't Be Fooled! - Many Websites Do Not Sell Original Projector Lamps..

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If you buy a TV or Projector lamp that is made in China by an imitation manufacturer, it can cause significant damage to your projector, void the TV or Projector warranty and/ or leave you with a lamp that is not bright enough or that will not last. If the TV or Projector lamp does die after 200-300 hours, you will have to buy another lamp within three months and this will be more expensive for you in the long run.


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Customer Reviews

R Gill

After numerous rejections from "geek experts" to repair my video projector from a manufacturer who no longer exists, I decided to give OnTech Force a try. They accepted the challenge and went right to work. Within a week, they were able to diagnose my issue and order replacement parts to restore picture and sound to my projector. They communicated with me constantly and kept me updated as service progressed. Upon timely completion, I was most impressed with the service, quality of the picture and most importantly, the price. It was professionally repaired for much less than I had anticipated. In addition to that, the service tech gave me an additional discount for being a new customer. The projector actually works better now than when it was purchased new. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone with a challenging service issue. Big thanks and I am a highly satisfied customer. 


M hooks

Great job, very timely and professional I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much!!!